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More About Excelsum

Excelsum Cost and Development Consultants is a professional consulting firm in the building industry. We provide turn-key solutions for property development projects accross South Africa. Our services cover the lifespan of a project, from project identification through feasibility studies and conceptual design, all stages of planning and construction to final handover and commissioning of a project. We have a diverse base of clients with different needs and objectives. They include amongst others Landowners, Private Buyers, Property Developers, Equity Investors and Property Funds to Local Government and Central Government.

Our projects vary in size and complexity – we assist private clients putting together a townhouse development to developers undertaking large commercial projects. Regardless of the size of the project, we partner with our clients to achieve optimal results.

Full Cycle Project Management

The property development industry is a specialist field with numerous and many diverse responsibilities that require skills and precise coordination. These processes are often misjudged or simplified by people with little or no expertise in property development. As property development consultants to the continually changing property development industry we have assembled a team of professionals with the requisite skill set and a mix of relevant knowledge, experience and qualifications. This team has been established to enable our clients to cope with the ever increasing demands on financial budgets and timescales.

We provide a tailor made consultancy and management service that takes full ownership of every stage of a project and provide balanced and considered advice and opinions across the full span of the various disciplines that form part of the property development cycle. We also provide a professional multi-disciplinary service that saves our clients time and costs.

Quantity Surveying

As well as being project managers we are also a registered Quantity Surveying practice. We provide the full cost management service which is an essential part of any development project. We specialise in the planning phase of a project when a quantity surveyor's service is the most needed but seldom considered. Our experience in project management give us that added edge to ensure we get the project off the ground with tight budgetary control through our quantity surveying department.

We also have contacts with various financial institutions and other investors who can possibly assist our clients with funding, and/or sometimes a partnership. All this ensures a cost effective, optimum designed development, for maximum profit to our clients.