Project Identification and Feasibility Studies

Introducing potential development areas, preliminary economic viability studies...

Project Planning and Cost Analysis

Cost studies, development alternatives, life cycle costs, operating, maintenance, depreciation costs...

Project Management

Careful and detailed planning, control, continuity, co-ordination, reporting...

Quantity Surveying

Cost Control, Financial reporting and Building Contracts...

To Develop a Property

To develop a property is an intricate and complicated process of many stages. We are proud to offer our clients a service based on integrity and advice based on professional expertise. The various stages of a project are briefly described below:

Preparation Stage

Opportunity assessment supported by a desk study. The basic components of the potential project is investigated i.e. price of the land, availability of bulk services and zoning restrictions. A due diligence report is compiled together with a risk assessment.

Preliminary Stage

This stage commences with the appointment of the Project Manager and ends when the preliminary report (or feasibility study) has been presented to the Client and reviewed or revised following discussions with the Client.

Pre-Implementation Stage

This stage commences with the Client's instructions to the Project Manager to proceed, and ends when the first important contract has been awarded, or in the event that the Client decides not to proceed with the Implementation Stage.

Implementation Stage

This stage commences with the award of the first important contract, and ends when the Project Manager's services have been completed.

Mediation and Litigation

Our in-depth experience in the construction industry give us the background and knowledge to understand your dispute and assist you to resolve it quickly and fairly.